Tuesday, 15 September 2009


I finally got to finish January’s Sunbonnet Sue last night…. however, I may still add a little embroidery to the ‘stick arms’ we’ll see.January Sunbonnet SueAnyway,here is a picture of it :))

Monday, 14 September 2009


Here are my hexagon Inklingo sampler blocks so far.Elly's hexagons

I’m loving doing these, they are a lot easier than they look, seriously!

I also made another regular shape block last week. Here it is :-Elly's Dutchman's Puzzle

This is a Dutchman’s Puzzle variation. Those flying geese are so easy and quick with Inklingo.

OOOpsy, I’ve missed posting a block… another of the Inklingo sampler blocks and here it is:-

Elly's Cake Stand


Finally something that’s not part of the Sampler but Inklingo related is my very first POTC (Patchwork of the Crosses from the quilt made by Lucy Boston) Made so easy using the Inklingo collection for this quilt. No templates to make, just print the sewing lines on the back of the fabric, cut out and sew. Easy Peasey lemon squeezy!! Here it is:-

Elly's first POTC

The centre was fussy cut to give the kaleidoscope look. To select the part of a fabric that will give a good kaleidoscope look I use a couple of small mirrors and place them at right angles on the fabric in various spots. When I find a look I like then I check to see if there are 4 repeats of that spot to use.