Thursday, 3 January 2008

Dear Jane M-6 Simplicity

This wasn't as difficult as it first looks. I hand pieced the center using Linda Franz method (take a visit with her at ) her DVD on this method is brilliant. Then I machined on the little triangles, trimmed to 3.25inches then strip pieced and cut the borders and machined them on. I cut the strips for the borders a little larger then trimmed the inner strip to size plus a seam allowance before sewing on. Once all the borders are on then trim the whole to 5 inches.


  1. such a beautiful block! It's perfect compared to mine, which is a bit on the wonky side! Lovely!

  2. I need to do mine before Sunday! I just keep finding other things to do instead, probably because it doesn't look as straightforward to me as some of the other blocks I've done (the super duper easy ones, lol!!!) Yours is very nice and neatly done!

  3. Thank you quilty girl and marja.
    the m6 was really not bad compared to last weeks BOM C5.
    Debating what to do next but I'll probably still be debating by the time the next BOW is announced lol. Thank goodness for the BOW I'd never get any done just trying to decide.

  4. Just popped back to say yours definitely turned out a million times better than mine! My little squares aren't as tidy... sigh.

    Can't wait to see what the next block is!