Sunday, 20 January 2008

I-11 Coyote Chase - Variation 1

Well I tried reverse appliqué with this one but those sharp points were too skinny and barely any fabric was left to turn under. I thought with regular appliqué the seams on the cream would show through. Soooo I decided that the best way to go would be hand piecing. Not something I've done a lot of. The entire thing is therefore hand pieced with all those set in seams, including the middle.
For some unexplicable reason I forgot to add a little extra seam allowance to one of the outer pieces so it is in fact a smidgen short so a little fudging will be require when putting the sashing on. But the corners are all square so it just dips a smidge at one of the middle seam allowances. Its a tad crumpled but that I'm sure will smooth out in time and certainly once in the quilt. It is also a tad wonky but I'm happy with it. I ain't doing it again!!! for certain!!


  1. Wow that turned out really nicely! The diamonds have nice sharp points. I'm halfway done with mine but just ate dinner so thought I'd visit your blog to see your block. I've never done applique before so it's been a bit difficult and my diamonds don't have pointed tips, lol. I better go work on it some more as I only have 3 hours left until midnight.

    x Marja

  2. Wow, just love this block! The pieces are so crisp! It turned out awesome. I'm thinking maybe I'll handpiece this one too when I get to it.

    Jacqui in Canada