Sunday, 24 February 2008

K-6 Ann's Folly

I machine pieced this one. I strip pieced the bars but not narrow enough so had a lot of frog stitching to do and trimming and taking in to get it right. But it worked in the end. I used a purple checkie fabric by Judie Rothermel for Marcus Bros. Can't remember the collection. It looks darker in this picture.
I learned quite a bit about the 'smidgen' rule. In this case cutting those strips on the lesser size would have been the better option. Will bear it in mind for another like this.

Other stuff I've been doing today is working on some Siggy's for Annelies' list. I've got a lot to catch up on.. I'll get there.
Also been working on hand quilting the Rabbit Patch. Yesterday I worked at marking some of the blocks to quilt.

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