Sunday, 2 March 2008

RS-3 Epicenter

This triangle isn't as hard as it looks, there's just a lot of steps to complete it. Machine pieced pinwheel in center circle, regular freezer paper appliquéd melons, reverse appliquéd outer circle(background) two larger outer triangles paperpieced over FP, center triangle regular FP appliqué, 3 diamonds FP appliqué and the bit at the top paper pieced. I think that was all... took me all day off and on and I started prep last night.
The fabric is Thimbleberries. I'm quite happy with this one.


  1. Maybe it is not as hard as it looks like, but it certainly is not easy.
    You did a great job !

  2. Thank you Annelies, I agree it probably isn't one for a beginner for certain.