Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Sewing area/Living room

I don't have a sewing room as such my sewing area is in my living room. Here are a couple of pictures of 'my corner'. Actually it takes up a good third of the room. I try to keep the table clear so I can eat there but it is also where I do my cutting.
My sewing table does have an extension leaf but it's to much trouble to keep putting up
and down and when it's up the bunnies like to go down the back and then they can get to the wires of my machine, etc., not a good idea. ( I lift the wires of my daylight lamp up out of the way when it's not in use. When the little room DS used to occupy is finished being redecorated and refurbished then my stash will be stored in there and hopefully a lot of the bits hanging around in here but I will retain this corner to do my sewing in. Don't like the idea of being shut away in a room away from everyone.
I have included views of the rest of the living room including a shot of Chichi Bun on the sofa.


  1. looks like a lovely sewing corner. You have a pretty home.

  2. This is a perfect sewing corner. I love looking at your quilts and pillows !

  3. Thank you Martha and Annelies. I certainly am very comfortable in this room now. Just got to get the rest of the house sorted out. :-D

  4. Love your sewing area. So bright and open. I noticed the one quilt on your wall is a quilt that I made as well by little quilts. I had to make changes to sizes for a group that was working on it together so I had to put some filler strips in.