Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Thurso Bay Cliff walk part 2

Today I was wheel-less as DH had to take the car to work. I had to go into town for a haircut so walked. It is a lovely day today so I went prepared with camera and I took the scenic route home via the bay and took some pictures to share with you. They are not in chronological order. I started taking pictures at Thurso Beach end of the bay and the last picture taken was of Scrabster Habour.

The fir
st picture (one of the last I took as it happens) is of Scrabster Harbour. This is one of the ports where you can get a ferry to take you to Orkney.

In the Second picture is a picture of Orkney across the Pentland Firth.
This third picture shows the Pentland firth going through the land of Orkney and the most northerly point of Scotland, Dunnet Head.
In the last picture is Thurso beach. Not many bathers here today :-D Anyone for seaweed soup?


  1. You do have a lovey view "right outside your doorsteps". All I have are houses and cars. And today it's raining.......again:(

  2. Elly, your view of the Orkneys brings back some Arthurian tales I read long ago. Your sky is as blue as Vermont's today but I do imagine it's colder there by the sea, even if we do have big piles of snow here and there. Thanks for posting these lovely photos!


  3. The pictures are great. Beautiful scenery for a walk.


  5. Yes I am fortunate to live in such a beautiful place on a lovely day. And I fully appreciate the beauty of this coastline. Have lived here for 25 years and still it leaves me in awe at times. Wouldn't really want to live any where else (except in winter, lol) Today it was rain again here also. Awful it was but it cleared by late afternoon. I hope we have a drier summer this year though, last year was literally a wash out.