Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Vintage Singer Sewing Machine 201K circa.1948

Look what I acquired today!!! My very first vintage sewing machine. Thrown in was a treadle machine with table and base. The metal base can be salvaged but the machine and table and drawers have to go to the recylce. They are way beyond repair having spent a lot of time outside in the elements. Anyway, here is my new baby. Now I have to find spare parts and most importantly an instruction manual for it. Anyone got a spare? I've no idea what I've let myself in for.
It is in good condition since it is 60 years old. The metal bits are all nice and shiny and the wheel turns effortlessly and quietly.


  1. Elly,
    Thanks for the post on my blog! It was nice to hear from you. We're the same age! I've always wanted to visit Scottland. Maybe someday when I retire?

    Caron in Michigan, USA

  2. NIce machine Elly! It is a beauty! There is a lot of information on the internet about these machines-and a yahoo group as well if you become obsessed!

  3. Wow Elly! A handcrank! 201 gorgeous shape. I've had lots of electric ones, but the handcranks are a lot harder to find. Congratulations on the find. I may have a spare manual for it...give me a couple days and I'll check the archives :-). Could you email me? My email address is on my profile. Enjoy that new machine! Handcranks are wonderful for paper piecing Dear Jane blocks.

    Jacqui in Canada