Sunday, 18 May 2008

D-12 Crossed Swords

This wasn't such a baddy. I paper pieced the main body and then tried out back basting appliqué to add the corner squares. (Leave your paper in until you've done the appliqué as this is your pattern and placement) I liked that I didn't have to make FP templates or worry about getting it in the right place with this method. I used some Gutterman's Hand quilting thread to do the basting and a very thick quilting needle, think it was an 8 or smaller in number. Made nice holes I could see :))
I improved by the last square, the first is a little wobbly looking but it looks okay in real life. Scanned pictures always are picky. I love the pretty fabric which is from Jo Morton. 19 pieces.


  1. This certainly isn't an easy block. You did a great job !

  2. Thanks for the tip, Elly. I haven't gotten around to doing it yet but hope to by midnight tonight!


  3. Great job, Elly. This looked difficult! I agree - Jo Morton's fabrics are so beautiful!

  4. Wow Elly, you did a GREAT job on your block! I tried hand piecing it, and it ended up being over 5.5 inches square! So I think tonight I'll re-do mine so it's the right size, using your directions.