Friday, 30 May 2008

Vintage sewing machine

This little beauty came into my possession yesterday. It needs some TLC but is really pretty. I've no idea how it works as it's got the old type of shuttle bobbins but hopefully someone will guide me. First though I need to give it a thorough cleaning and oiling. It has mother of pearl rose decoration on it and a badge. If anyone knows anything about this please let me know thank you. It's serial number is 538050.


  1. Elly
    This is a beautiful machine!

  2. Hi, have a look at link below for history on this machine.....Helen

    1. Thank you Helen :) This was a very interesting read. Since writing this post several years ago I have found out how it works and got it stitching :) I got a manual for a Singer 12 which is very similar. I've also cleaned it and refurbished the wooden case a little. Thank you again. Elly