Saturday, 28 June 2008

Red Hair day

I love red. I like red hair. BUT maybe, just maybe it is just better on someone else,LOL. I make this mistake every now and then. Here's a couple of pics of my latest mistake. The curls are natural by the way :-D
In the left hand picture I'm supposedly working on a DJ block. Doing some back basting.


  1. ELLY!!!! What gorgeous red hair!!!!

    Why, I do believe I've just found me another twin! LOL

    Love it - seriously, I do, and NO, there was no cause for laughter.... *s*


  2. Well, aren't YOU the adorable one!!! I think it looks great. You'll get used to it. If you don't, pick another color and try again. It's just hair, you know! It's not like you tattoo'd your head. LOL

  3. I just love it!! I do things like this, but can never remember what colour I bought last and end up with a different red everytime

  4. Elly, I was looking at some hair colour today that was on sale, but they didn't have my usual colour!!! I thought briefly about mixing a few shades together and then got cold feet!!! Maybe that's a good thing!! hehehe!!! But then, someone mentioned "it's just hair", right?!!! And, by the way, I think your red shade is very pretty!!! I have three red-haired children, so I'm partial to it!!! ;o)
    Have a great day!!!
    Mary Ann