Wednesday, 29 October 2008

My Dear Jane Design Wall todate

I did it!!! Thanks to Caron for her expert guidance on how to do it :-D Oh and some help from DH with Paintshop pro :)) Click on grid to take you to my photo bucket page for close up of blocks.


  1. Well gosh, Elly, it was nothing! Happy to help. Maybe I should post the instructions I sent you on my blog for others to use?

    By the way, we have the same taste in music! I'd never heard the Leona Lewis version of "Summertime" before, and I love it! I was a vocal music major in high school and college... that song earned me a scholarship!

  2. Your Dear Jane Design Wall looks great Elly and those blocks are lovely - you are really getting a move on with them and so had I if I don't want to be left behind. Cheers Jane x

    Oh and I would love Caron's instructions so I can make my own wall because I can't work it out either!