Thursday, 13 November 2008

Scrap Bag Challenge

My little house group the KKQs are having another challenge..... like we've finished the last one... not yet. Anyway, we all put our scraps of at least 400g in weight in a poly bag then put these into a larger bin liner and stirred. Then we all got to pick out one of the bags of scraps. If we got our own we had to put it back... guess what I was the only one that got there own so had to swap it with the one left in the liner which was for Janet who wasn't at the meeting. Anyway, this is the bundle of scraps that I got.
I decided I would use them to make a small Dear Hannah quilt.... wallhanging size. And here are my first two blocks. My this applique is fiddly. They haven't quite turned out as the pattern but I'm happy enough with them. I've added the yellow to the mix to give it sparkle and have made a plan on EQ5 on how I may use them.


  1. Elly, you clever lass. i love those Dear Hannah blocks. anything that is hand sewn, uses wee tiny scraps and represents trees, flowers, birds, always catches my eye. keep up the great work!!! cheers from summer in the south pacific (just try'n to send some warmth up your way, lol), jeanne