Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Christmas Tree

Not long now until Christmas Day. I thought I'd post a picture of my wee Christmas Tree. It's decorated with an orange and red theme. I saw these decorations in Ikea when I was down south in Newcastle in September for my trip to Tenerife. I thought they were really unusual and cheery so bought a few... being Ikea they were inexpensive. The tree we got last year and is a fibre optic one so we don't need to fiddle with lights... It's up off the deck as we have bunnies... The wire strewn across the front is only there temporary as it belongs to my Ott light and I've been sewing at the sofa so needed it position there. My sewing table is to the right of the tree and my sofa to the left... Again the reason the wire is high is because of naughty bunnies. They just love wires. Anyway, here is the tree.


  1. It is a beautiful tree. I love the decorations.

  2. Nice tree. Wish you a merry Christmas

  3. I hope you had a nice Christmas. I'm liking your blocks and the layout you've designed.