Wednesday, 7 January 2009


Yesterday I tried out a new technique for me but failed miserably. So I'm going to try something else.... bear with me.... or should that be bare??? can never remember which is which...
On our return journey from holiday last year I took a short video of a part of the road which is a bit windy. It's of a hairpin bend. Always makes my stomach churn... I'll try and post it... here goes fingers crossed. Boy this is taking forever to upload.... twiddling thumbs here. Okay while we wait I'll chat a bit. Yesterday a dear on-line friend of mine set up her own blogspot for the first time. Whooopeeee.... I'm so pleased for her :-D. Having said that she got a lot of pressure from me and others. I'll not mention who she is yet since she is still feeling her way round a
nd wants to stay incognito just now.
And still it is uploading.... I finished putting away the last of the Christmas decorations today. The place looks very bare as I haven't yet replaced the Christmas quilts with winter ones.
Well it finally uploaded. This part of the route always makes me feel queezy... urrrggh even watching the video. The route from here to Inverness is slowly improving but this is one part yet to be overcome. A huge fly over would be nice.


  1. Hi Elly!

    LOVED your video and I heard a bit of your lovely voice, too! *VBG*

    It's always hard to imagine an "accent", via email.... if you know what I mean. *grin*

    I didn't find that road too, too bad. I once went on a trip to the Cape Breton Highlands, in Nova Scotia (Canada). OH MY GOD!!! Now, THAT trip was very pictoresque but a LOT of hairpin turns and deep valleys, too!

    Tks for sharing!


  2. Good morning Elly...the video is great, but you really should drive on the "right" side of the road...LOL

    I grew up in the Rocky Mountains, so I know exactly how you feel on that road.

  3. Hi Elly! Nice video. That drive would really have me hanging on. If you like a lot of up/downs & hair-pin curves, come on over and I'll drive you up to Julian. . . that drive may even 'drive' you to the drink! LOL
    Nice job on mounting the video on your blogspot.