Saturday, 14 March 2009

Bit's and Bob's post

Here are some pictures of random items. Firstly, there's my daughter's tattoo. She designed it herself and had it applied to her back last week. (Despite my pleas not to) However, it is pretty enough... just wish it wasn't on her back.. She is planning on going to get the colouring in of the flowers done next week. The lettering is Japanese and means Sugar Pain... apparently the name of a Japanese song. She had been wanting this tattoo since she was 15!! Now she is 19 and has finally got her wish since not only is she past the age of consent but also was able to pay for it herself.

The next item is the little March wall hanging that I made a few years back. There was a whole series of these on line quite a few years back now and I believe they were also featured in one of the Quilt magazines. I've made January to May but still have June to December to make one of these days :)).

The finally item is my "Fall off the Wagon" which I had yesterday while I was out at a quilty day at Freswick Hall. I was sat right next to the new bolts of fabric and these two fabrics just would not shut up. They nagged and nagged me until I could take it no longer and just had to have a meter of each :) Then the book is one I asked Lyn to keep me as I didn't have it in my library. I know I can applique but I like to learn more about it. From my brief look through it seems a very good book for beginners to applique. It also has some neat applique patterns.


  1. Hi Elly, You will enjoy that book. It is a classic!
    Two out of three of my daughter's have tatoos. On their backs and other places. It is so much more accepted now.
    I did not opt for the wagon this year so I have no place to fall!

  2. You bought some beautiful things Elly !