Saturday, 21 March 2009

KKQ Day at Freswick Caithness

Yesterday I spent the day over at a friend's house with the other members of my house group, the KKQs. My friend lives in a most beautiful house in a gorgeous setting made more gorgeous by the beautiful day it was yesterday. I had my camera with me so took some photos to try and share with you the beauty of this place. I hope you enjoy them. The first picture is looking out of the living room to the front of the house and the sea and gardens.

The Second pic is looking out to the right over their seaside garden (and neighbour's house in the background)

The follow two pictures were taken from the front of the house, stood in the same position, first looking over to the vegetable and fruit garden and the sea beyond and then at the front of the house and the bone of a whales head that had washed up on the shore (dead) some time ago. The first picture looks a bit dark as I was facing a bit towards the glare of the sun. It really was brilliant sunshine.

The last picture is taken at the rear of the house Lyn is on the right and Irene another of our ladies on the left. This was just as we had arrived. See how blue the sky is.


  1. What a beautiful area your friend lives in, Elly! Must have been a real treat visiting with the sun shining and spring in the air!!!
    Hope you're doing well!
    Cheers! Mary Ann

  2. What a wonderful place! Can I come and visit you and your friend? LOL Hope you had a great time.

  3. Gorgeous area. The pictures are wonderful. I can get my bags packed pretty quick... so, what dates are available for Elly's Bed & Breakfast? lol. You do live in a lovely part of the world. Thank you for sharing the pictures. On such a beautiful day in Scotland, how in the world did you ladies manage to stay inside and quilt?

  4. Just breathtaking! She is so blessed to live in such a wonderful setting.