Friday, 9 October 2009


Elly's X-quisite

Here are three more blocks that I’ve completed over the past week. They will go into 3 different quilts.

Elly's Rolling star bonus block

Elly's Hexagon bonus block 5

I have completed another hexagon today and have another of the ‘odd’ size blocks ready for piecing. This weekend, however, I’m hoping to work on my Basket Case Quilters blocks :) and catch up with those. September SBS

Last weekend I completed another of the Sunbonnet Sue blocks. Here she is, she is September’s Sue.


  1. Hi Elly,

    I love your Sunbonnets very much !
    Enjoy your weekend !

  2. Your sampler blocks look fabulous!

  3. Your Sunbonnet Sues are very nice. I like September Sue just the way she is. I think January Sue will be improved by a bit of embroidery as you say, or perhaps an embroidered ribbon on the bunny? or both? Anyway, they are just darling.

    All the best,

  4. You are amazing, Elly! I love your sampler blocks and your Sunbonnet Sues. You do such nice work.