Monday, 8 March 2010

A Couple More Dear Janes!! and some Antique machines .


I also ‘acquired’ a ‘new to me’ 221K1 Singer Featherweight. Conceived 28th April 1952 Serial # EH 241222 :-D   Alas, the motor didn’t appear to work so I have sent it off to a Gent in London Mr Graham Forsdyke who hopefully will be able to fix it.  He has a great website here:- least I hope this is the correct addy as I couldn’t check it out because my Mozilla is being a pain)
Anyway, he has absolutely LOOOOAAADSS of info on his website.
Oh and nearly forgot ;-D  here is the new baby:-
and just for the crack here is one that I was totally obsessed about working on yesterday:-

It is a Jones CS handcrank Circa. sewing machine approx 1890s,  that I ‘acquired’ there’s that word again ;) A couple years ago.
I had no idea how to thread the shuttle bobbin until yesterday.  Many hours spent researching on the net and a cat lick of a clean and here it is.  I even managed to wind thread on a bobbin pin and sew with it :)) so I’m a happy bunny.  Oh what the ‘eck here’s another picture of the beautiful rose decals:-

Isn’t it gorgeous!!!  It needs more work in the cleaning department and the wood work needs some TLC but hopefully this is a good start.
That’s me for now.  It’s a gorgeous day to be outside so when DH gets himself dressed I think I’ll twist his arm to do some de-cluttering of the garage and clean the car.  Both are in serious need of doing!!
Hugs Elly


  1. the blocks look great. what a lovely rose on the machine. these modern ones are so boring. Mine has an autograph of some woman, so I had my daughter cover it with stick on rhinestones. eek, she pimped my sewing machine. I love it.

  2. Hi Elly,
    Your blocks are wonderful and the machine pics are terrific! BTW, you'll LOVE GF in London... he's the bestest. I bought a machine from him a few years back.. it's lovely and he even re-did the motor [instead of adding a converter] so it would work properly in the US. You can trust him. I've never been dissapointed with any sales or service from him.
    Hope this little note finds you well. ... can you tell??? I have my network up and running again! Yippee Skippee! I'll write you privately later today... meanwhile:
    Have a grand day... go pet your lovely 'machine children'

  3. Gorgeous "new" machine. I've so often been tempted to get a Featherweight. It would be nice to have a super light weight machine to take to project days. I've seen that website before. He has by far the most comprehensive website about Featherweights and lots of people seem to give him excellent recommendations. I'll keep dreaming, I guess, though that Centennial he's showing right now is a real beauty!


  4. So great to see what you have been up to Elly. Your blocks are there a message in the Snow melting one :) Sounds like the weather may be fineing at present?...and you are doing well with those beeautiful sewing machines. I tried out the top of the range Pffaf yesterday - oh - I wish...but too much for me...I have the Pffaf Expressions 4 on my wish list though...really wishful thinking. Keep well and enjoy the sun

  5. What a gorgeous Jones!!! I love your blocks too. (This is Robbie from the yahoo singers group and


  6. Koselig med disse gamle symaskinene, jeg har selv en husquarna :-) Ønsker deg en riktig god påske.

  7. How did I miss the photo of the lovely Featherweight?!?! (Must be going blind in my old age!) I have my mom's FW and another I picked up on eBay. They are wonderful, hard-working machines. If (heaven forbid) I could only have one sewing machine, it would be my mom's FW.

    Happy Sewing!!