Monday, 25 July 2011

Sucrette’s Giant Granny Challenge

No it is not a contest to see how many Thorntons chocolates a granny can eat but a challenge to make the biggest crochet granny square we can.  Interested? then click here  to see Sucrette’s first post on this Crochet-along challenge.  What harm can it do to take a peak?

How did I get tempted with this you ask?  Well it was my blog friend Katrin who tempted me ;-D

There is also a group for this on Flickr so you can be tempted too, to have a go.

Here is my first picture.  A basket of the yarn I’ll be using and how far I got yesterday evening with my square.

Elly's Giant Granny Challenge

The yarn is from a weekly magazine publication which I subscribed to early last year.  It was a magazine to show you how to crochet.  Each week the magazine came with a ball of yarn and you were supposed to make a square in a particular pattern, the end result would be a patchwork style blanket with a sampler of the different stitches.  Well I never quite got around to making it and stopped my subscription at the 30 something magazine.  So I have all these balls which are the same weight and same type.  So this is what I shall use up in this challenge.  Once the yarn is done so will be my square. :))

Happy sewing or crocheting or knitting,



  1. Hi Elly,
    how nice that I got you stuck on the CAL. It will be fun to watch your progress, and with 30 balls of yarn your granny will become quite large!

  2. Oh Elly I have come back to your blog again today to find more temptation. The Dear Hannah quilt is lovely, but I am not sure I will be able to resist a big granny square quilt along. That is the only afghan pattern that my Mother ever made, and I love to crochet. I just started a granny stripe afghan....maybe I could just stop and use this yarn for the CAL. I'll just count my balls of yarn and think........

  3. How many 'alongs' can a girl do? I so want to do this one but I have the Summer Bow Tie quilt along and the Farmers Wife 'Sampler quilt along and I'm knitting a sock yarn blanket, So many projects, so little time. I bet I end up doing this one too :-)

  4. OMGoodness... temptation is everywhere! Every time [which is almost daily!] I vist your blog or Katrin's, I get the itch to begin yet another project! Help, the world is spinning and I'm falling off! LOL. So, today I will try to locate some of my yarn... it will keep me busy and off the streets, anyway!

  5. It's good to get caught up with you. Wow, cool new project. I have an afghan that my mom made me before I went to University and it's a giant granny square. I didn't go count the rows, but its bigger than a twin bed. I'll be looking forward to your progress.