Saturday, 28 July 2012

Last Rainbow Scrappy for July and Blue

By the skin of my teeth!  Here are my D4Ps in blue for the month of July:

Rainbow Scrappy Blue D4P

Not a lot to show for July but between learning EQ and gardening when it’s fine I don’t seem to have done much stitching!

To see what everyone else has been doing with their blue scraps go take a look on Angela’s Soscrappy blog  here .

I gathered my little crop of blackcurrants before the birds got them this year.  Here they are in a small blue colander:

Blackcurrant yield 1cup 2012Quite a yield!!  One whole cup full! LOL… They are in the freezer and will get used together with some Bramley apples for a pie one day.

Rabbi looking cute October 2006To close here is a picture of our very first bunny Rabbi.  She came to live with us one day when my DS Lewis turned up at the door with her followed by her hutch, which his pal was carrying.  It was nearly Lewis’ 14th birthday and despite being told no pets… he had other ideas.  Lewis’ pal’s mum had decided that since her son wasn’t taking care of Rabbi properly that she could be given to Lewis as a birthday present.  When we took her to be neutered (thinking she was a he) we discovered that she was female.  She came with the name Rabbi and she lived until she was about 10 and was Biscuit’s bunwife.  Sadly she passed away a few years back now.  Although she came into our home as Lewis’ bunny she very much ended up as my bunny.  RIP little one.

Hope everyone is fine and having a good summer.

I’m going to go do some EQ now and catch up on the lessons from Quilt University.  Or I may sew some more ;)




  1. Such a sweet bunny. Great looking blue blocks.

  2. Those blue blocks are gonna fit right in with their colorful friends. Your blueberries look yummy!

  3. Cute bunny. Love your blue blocks!

  4. Love your blocks and a very pretty bunny.

  5. Great blue blocks!
    I have never had blackcurrants like that...are they sour or sweet?

  6. Congrats on getting your blue project finished for RSSC. I have yet to do mine and it is now afternoon! lol.
    It is with mixed feelings that I read the post about Rabbi. Darling little thing; so sad when our furry-friends pass, but she had several wonderful and loving years in your home and that is something to be grateful for.

  7. What a sweet little story about Rabbi. What a great life she ended up having with you. LOVE the blue tones in your block.

  8. Sweet little bunny. Every kid should have a pet or two or in my case dozens. I love you blue D4P blocks.

  9. Love the D4Ps as always - can't wait to see all the colors come together in the end! Have never had black currents - I imagine they are delicious!

  10. Such pretty pictures, love the blue/white contrast in your the disappearing four patch.

  11. *grin*

    How many rabbits have you adopted, Elly?!?!?

    *still grinning over here*

    LOVE your blue and white dissapearing block! I haven't had the gumption to sit and seriously sew... what with our new puppy and this darn heat and humidity... I'm just barely breathing! LOL


  12. Oh neat to know how your ended up with Rabbi! Enjoy your fruit and great blocks!

  13. Love all of those disappearing blocks.