Friday, 28 December 2007

C-5 Eye of the Cyclone

This block was a challenge. It's not perfect but it's the best I can do.
I made two sets of HST 4 patches, (One large, with 3.5inch cut squares, and one slightly smaller using 2.75" squares,reversing the positions of the fabrics). Used the FP center circle underneath the smaller 4 patch and appliquéd it to the middle on to the large 4patch.
Then I used the outer part of the FP pattern, ironed it onto the back. Pinned a sqaure of the background to the front, to cover the entire square, then back basted it and then trimmed and appliquéd it from the front. First time using this method. I trimmed the back of the middle circle to remove the FP from that section and trimed the remaining back after sewing on the BG on front. This probably makes no sense at all...
It's done and I'm not planning on doing this one again... ever.


  1. Hi Elly:

    Your block turned out very nice! I love the colours on all the blocks you did..they're so pretty!

    Jacqui in Canada

  2. I think it turned out really nicely! I don't dare attempt that as mine wouldn't even look anything remotely like this! Will save it for later I think!!!