Thursday, 27 December 2007

Christmas dinner - starter

Here's my dinner plate loaded up. I don't have a lot of meat as I don't like a lot, but I do like veg and all the stuffings. We finished with sweet of Strawberry cheesecake or Tiramasu but DS had both. But then he's very skinny and needs the extra calories. lol.
Above we're about to start the main course of roast goose with prunes in brandy and 2 stuffings and veg. From right... DD, moi, DS and DSgirlfriend.
Below is our starter. It's a prawn cocktail which was made by DD and was yummy. The drinks are elderberry juice and ginger ale... both non alcholic as DH had to go to work after.

The table is usually in the kitchen but we carried it through to the living room for the holidays so we can eat in a civilized fashion for a short while.

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