Monday, 4 February 2008

A-8 Florence Nightingale and RS-6 Tumbling Blocks.

Managed both BOW and TOW this week... just. The BOW was thankfully easy but the TOW was another story. Still I got plenty of practice at hand piecing :-D.
It's a bit crumpled looking and I think I may need to wet it and re-press. But not tonight.. will sleep on it and decide tomorrow. Off to feed my bunnies now... nightie night.


  1. Where did the entire week go?!?! I had to come back and check on your progress and yay, looks like you're doing well! I think I will start on the tris soon. Seeing them on your blog makes me want to do them!

  2. our tumbling block triangle looks great. I havent done that one yet, it looks very tricky!

  3. Thanks everyone,
    the Tumbling Blocks was a futter (fiddly) but not as hard as it seems doing it by hand. Wouldn't like to machine this one or paper piece it.