Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Latest Siggies recevied

In the past couple of weeks I've received some more siggies. Thank you ladies.

The first one is a cute one from Christine in France and she has two dogs called Yago and Vanilla. She also likes to collect cows.

This interesting siggy is from Hanneke in The Netherlands. Hanneke loves to play bridge. Hanneke has a website which she shares with her sister Marijke I haven't checked it out yet but I will soon;)

This pretty floral one is from Johanna in Sweden. Visit Johanna 's web page showing her siggies. Also at

Here's a beautiful siggy from Riek in the Netherlands. It has a hand drawn picture of a "skutsje" a traditional Frisian sailing vessel since her street is named after it. In Friesland they have an annual Skutsje sailing competition starting in Grou where she live.

This pretty siggy is from Francesca in Italy. I am so proud of myself. Her lovely hand written accompanying letter was written in Italian!!! I don't speak Italian!! After an initial panick I decided to have a go. And after reading it through several times I figured it out. It is very similar to Spanish which I have a small knowledge of and DH knows some French so between us we figured out what Francesca was saying. It was fun and very satisfying.

Thank you so much ladies it is so delightful to received your siggies. I now have 50!
I'm still playing 'catch up' but my siggies will be to you as soon as possible... One day I will catch up and over take, lol... yeah that will be the day, I'm so slow.. but rest assured I will definitely send one.. going to get to making some right now... hasta luego..

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  1. Again you received some beautiful siggies Elly !