Sunday, 17 February 2008

New Siggies

Here is a very pretty picture of an angel in the middle of this siggy from Els in the Netherlands. Beautiful blue/green batik fabric on the outside.

Here's the lastest siggy I received this week. By Liesbeth in the Netherlands. She has put my initial on the front for me. She has the most beautiful handwriting.

This cute little angel is from Pamela in Italy. Yummy fabric.
Here's a pretty siggy from Vera. she has embroidered a flower with a bead in the center. Very nice. :)

Here's a
nother angel. This time from Tonie in the Netherlands. I like the bright floral fabric :)

This siggy with pretty blue fabric is from Sylvette in France. I think the picture is a map of France.? Maybe.
A cute little cat picture is in the middle of Puck's siggy. Again from the Netherlands.

Here's a smart siggy with gorgeous fabric from Nicoletta in Italy. The fabric looks like Japanese design.

This siggy is from Anita from Belgium. Daugter of Vera. This siggy has a lovely embroidered
flower, and I love t
he checky fabric.
This pretty autumny siggy is from Claudia in Italy. She likes all the autumn colours and leaves. the picture of the leaves is very nicely done.

I love the colour of this siggy from Grazia in Italy.
It has a very cute angel picture in the middle.

This is a very vibrant siggy from Ineke from the Netherlands. The picture is a rebus of her family name which she designed herself. Neat. :-D

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