Sunday, 16 March 2008

E-3 Paddle Wheel

This o
ne is rotary cut and machine sewn. I'm not to happy with some of the seams but it isn't so bad I must start again. I'll live with it. You can only notice when you zoom in anyway.
I'm not sure I'm getting on too well with the background I picked. It's Kona Bay cotton and was recommended but it stretches so much and goes all wrinkly when you put a steam iron to it... yes I know I should be using a dry iron, I was just trying to flatten it by 'pressing not ironing' with a bit of steaming help.
Actually this cotton has a similar behaviour pattern to batik. But I bought 15 yards of it so I'd better persevere with it. That's my moan over.

I also sewed up a little something as a gifty but can't show it just yet until the person who'll receive it has got it and seen it.... wink wink say no more.... I'll post after Easter.


  1. And yet another block finished. Congratulations.
    It is not nice to hear that the background stretches. I have no solution for it.

  2. Hi Elly! Your block looks just great! Congrats on another finish!! Try some spray starch for that BG...I did and it helped alot! Stops any excess fraying, as well! Happy Easter! Mary Ann in Denmark

  3. Elly, I love your blocks.

    i have just done row H on my BabyJane.

    Wenche O in Norway

  4. Annelies,Mary Ann & Wench, thank you all for your lovely comments on my blocks.
    Well done on getting a row finished Wenche. I'm nearing silver with mine if only I could apply myself a bit more.