Sunday, 23 March 2008

Pillow for friend in Iowa

This is the little pillow I made a couple of weeks ago for my friend in Iowa.
The center was a block I stitched for Annelies' birthday siggy but then when I went to cut it out I cut in square instead of on-point for the center of the siggy. I set it to one side to use later for something else and stitched another siggy center. Then when I was pondering what to send to my friend for Easter I thought of this little embroidered block all alone and waiting to be used. So I started to sew around it with no idea of what I was making. During the process a pillow idea formed in my head, I only had one day to make it and post it so that it would get to my friend on time (as a queen procrastinator I am always behind with my ideas). Anyway, she received it in good time and hopefully is enjoying it. Here's picture for you to see how a little mistake turned out good in the end.


  1. I do recognize the lovely center. This pillow is also very beautiful.