Sunday, 30 March 2008

My Siggy Designs

Here are 3 of my siggies. The rabbit ones (I have 4 pet rabbits) tend to vary a little as the vine is free hand and whatever the mood takes me. The outer fabric varies also. The thistle is the traditional flower for Scotland.
This weekend I am in the process of making 20 siggies. 12 of which will be heading out soon. I have some letters to print/type up. I have one letter for the ladies of Italy which has both English and Italian (very basic) on it but I now need to construct on for the French ladies and one for the German ladies. I'm sorry to all you ladies in other countries but I wouldn't have a clue how to write your language. Ifanyone would like to translate one of my letters so I could do this please contact me, I'd appreciate very much your help.


  1. Elly , just write in English. When the ladies on the list see the siggy they know that they have to send one back.

  2. Thanks Annelies. I posted out 16 last night. I finished them late evening and jumped in the car to take them to the main post office sorting office nearly midnight,lol.

  3. Hello Elly
    Finalguilty please mine englich, never learned is.
    Today your Siggie arrived with me.
    Thank you dafür me very much made.
    LG Ingrid