Monday, 28 April 2008

D-2 Mouse in a Mirror

Hand pieced this one, a tricky little *!"""%* but it's done. Started it yesterday and finished this evening. 29 pieces. Fabric Jo Morton.
I pressed it into submission.


  1. Hey Ellie - your Mouse in a Mirror is looking really great - much better than mine - but hand piecing really is much more precise. Cheers Jane

  2. rkydziMouse in a Mirror IS a stinker of a block, isn't it? Your's looks great!

    Caron in Michigan

  3. Thank you for your comments Jane and Caron.
    'stinker' is the polite word for it. :))
    I think out of the blocks I've done so far this was the hardest. Although a tri RS6 was a little b***er also.