Thursday, 24 April 2008

Siggy For Munich 850th Birthday

At last!!! I finally settled on a center for my siggy for Munich. Why was this so hard to do. I'll tell you why. I wanted it to be perfect and that was just not going to happen now was it.
Anyway, getting a grip of myself, I settled for the best of the bunch but I'm going to put the two runners up in the envelope to be sent off to Birgit of Munich who requested this siggy from me, together with one for her incase she wishes to change the center. She is going to be making a siggy quilt for the birthday celebrations of Munich's 85Oth birthday and was wanting a siggy from as many countries to put into it. The thistle flower is the flower of Scotland which is why I have
used it to decorate the center of this siggy (and most of my siggies though sometimes I use rabbits and vines). Anyway, here are the two runners up. I don't have beautiful handwriting so was a bit of a nervous wreck signing this. The white on white fabric was also the pits to write on. Anyway, it's done as best I can and now I can go on to do the other siggies waiting in the wing..:)))) Phew!!

1 comment:

  1. Your block is beautiful.
    I made one too.
    I will put it on my blog later.