Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Singer Sewing Machine Model 66K 1928

This is the poor treadle I got 'thrown in' with the 201K. I've only just managed to make out the serial number although a couple of numbers are a little unsure. The serial number is Y5813145.
So as a result I was able to track down what I think is the model and year of birth.
I'm hoping to get at least the base spruced up. I think (and let me know if I'm wrong) that the rest is beyond renovation, well certainly beyond my capabilities and knowledge. Any ideas, suggestions, etc., all welcome. The wrought iron parts are ceased up so not sure if I'll get that wheel moving. It may just end up being decorative with a new table top on. Isn't this such a crying shame. It makes me sad how something once so beautiful was left to go to rack and ruin.
Thank you to Laurie and Jacqui I was able to get my facts correct. I was looking at the wrong set of serial numbers, duh!!


  1. Hi Elly:

    This machine is a model 66. The model 15's have a different bobbin system. I have a Singer dating chart here and looked up that serial number. This is the info it gave me: Y5788514 - 5838513 66K 50000 machines were commissioned on August 13 1928. They were assigned the above serial numbers. This info seems correct in that it is indeed a model 66. I would think that this machine probably wouldn't be worth the work of restoring unless it had real sentimental value. These machines are fairly common so it would be easier to wait for one in better condition :-). I would replace the top of the treadle and make it into a nice table. Really is a shame..would have been a nice machine!

    Jacqui in Canada

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