Thursday, 5 June 2008

KKQ Round Robin Fiona's Box

Fiona's box finally got to me. I already had an idea for it so went with it. This RR didn't have a theme when it started and no idea was given by the owner. Sooo it's now been turned into the Garden of Eden. I've put Adam and Eve on and the snake in the tree. Adam and Eve have Bob and Fiona's faces, taken from photos loaned to me by Fiona's mum. Fiona's RR is all fusible appliqué so I've fused my bits on, still need to stitch it. The first picture is as I got the project and the second is of my addition.


  1. This is a difficult RR, but you have been very creative !

  2. How clever you are! I think your addition looks great.

    PS - Thank you for your nice comments on my blog.