Tuesday, 9 September 2008

KKQ Round Robin Strippy

Ranette told me she preferred to look at quilts than beasties, LOL, so just for her I'm adding a picture of a Round Robin quilt that is mine. This was a challenge my little house group the KKQs did in 2004. I have it titled "Beyond the Fence" and it was completed in 2005. The strips I made were the appliqué pots and bunnies and the celtic ponds and the chickens. I also appliquéd the Sunbonnet Sue and Sam on the drunkard's path strip.

Also I thought you may like to see a current picture of my bunny Chichi who has been sick this past week. She is much improved now thank heavens!! Note that she's sitting on another quilt :-D made by me. A medallion that I made for a beginner's class I was tutoring.


  1. What a cool quilt!!! Love all the colors. And I'd like to come over and cuddle your bunny Chichi . How pretty she (?) is!!!

  2. Hope Chichi is feeling better. I guess bunnies like to cuddle on quilts just like cats and dogs. *s*

  3. Much better than the ugly beastie!! I love the quilts and the bunny. Glad Chichi is feeling better.

  4. I hope that you're having FUN, FUN, FUN!!!

  5. The quilt is beautiful!!! Love the colors!

    I just love Chichi!!! Such a cute bunny! I hope the little bunny is feeling better!