Friday, 26 September 2008

Phew!! Hot Hot

Well I can´t believe I´m saying this but I´m looking forward to going back to a temperate cooler climate!!
Yes folks I have been holidaying. In Tenerife and it´s time to go home. I wish we´d booked an extra few hours in the room which had AC and a tv with English channels we could have watched. Instead we had to vacate our room at 12 and don´t get picked up for the airport until 6pm!!
So I´m sitting around a hotel lobby for hours on end in the sweltering heat which is not my idea of fun.
I was sitting down on the terrace watching the water fountain and thinking I´d like to go jump in.
We´ve also past time having a meal at the pool bar and now back messing on the hotel computer to fritter away some more time since I know it does eat time pretty easy :))
One draw back is that this is a Spanish keyboard and I´m having to look for certain keys.
I´m thinking it may be a good idea to go down to a supermarket and stand by the fridges for an hour to cool off :))
I did sit for an hour sewing on a simple stitchery but got fed up with it as I wasn´t comfortable. I think the next activity will be trying to read a book.
I brought 2 books with me by authors I love but somehow have not been in the fettle for reading. I did make a couple of DJ blocks which I´ll post pictures of when I get home.
I´ve done a lot of walking and swimming. My last swim being at 7am this morning. It was bliss. I´ve also improved my sudoku playing, I´ve actually finished a number of one star ones... yep the easy ones.
Ah well better go find something else to do to fritter away another hour. May go visit a few of you :)
Hasta luego...Elly

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  1. By the time I read this you are probably back home.
    I hope you had a lovely vacation.