Friday, 3 October 2008

Pease Pudding

LOL!! Okay Rosa asked about Pea pudding or I should have written pease pudding is made with dried yellow split peas which has been soaked overnight before cooking. My mum used to cook it in with a piece of ham/gammon? The peas were wrapped in a double layer of muslin(cheese/butter cloth) with an onion so they wouldn't go out into the liquid. When it was cooked it was cooled then plopped out into a dish and mashed up so it was pate texture and it was served as a side dish to the cooked ham. Cold they both were delicious in a sandwich but I like the peas on their own too. It's a north England favourite.

I can't seem to ever get it right when I try to make it. It never tastes the same as when my ma used to make it.

Maybe I'll have to have another go and post a picture of the end result. :-))

Meanwhile, click here a link to a recipe using pease pudding



  1. The Pease pudding sounds really tasty but boy does it look like a lot of work to make - LOL. I have always heard about Pease pudding but never really knew what it was - thanks for the link :)))

  2. OMG I was just talking to a freind about this, she is from England, And here is the recipie lol, I will try it and tell her about it too, come visit me if ya like, Im in Australia, and you can find me at my vintage singer sewing machine most days, or in front of my art easel, or up a ladder painting the ceiling, as long as it is not sitting on my arse lol. Cheers Debra.