Thursday, 27 November 2008

Another completed WIP The Sewing Theme

At last, finally, after 2 years of making this small wall hanging I got the last stitch put into it today!! This was a result of an SUC (so ugly challenge) OR 'Make Me Beautiful' challenge depending on your point of view. :-))) My little house group, the KKQs, had an ugly fabric swap. We all had to make something with the worst colour in our opinions. To add to the challenge the fabric had to be provided by another member. I received the insipid pale blue fabric which had little thimbles and spools on it. Ick!! So I thought I'd do pastel with black. But some how that didn't work and ended up using brights on black and the pastel didn't happen. The reason I discovered was because this pale blue fabric is more of a country pale blue and didn't go with brights and definitely didn't go with black. I left the four corner blocks and the 'blade' on the rotary cutter. But went on to make another little quilt using Thimbleberries fabrics to go with that blue. That worked better for the pale blue. (that little quilt was the third attempt. A second attempt got frog stitched completely!!)
The sewing machine is the only hand applique the others are the 'f' word appliqued :)). It is a tracing of a picture of a 1932 Bernina which I found on the web in Bernina's History pages.


  1. It doesn't look half bad Elly. Quite nice - and now I am a Bernina owner - I can appreciate it.Cheers Jane

  2. Well done Elly. It is a nice little quilt and I think you learned a lot using these difficult colours.