Sunday, 15 February 2009

This 'n that

I've a few photos to show. So I'll post them all here. Friday, as anyone not living on Mars would know was Valentine's day. Well I got 3 cards!! yep 3!! One from DH and 2 from a couple of girlfriends. One girlfriend sent me a lovely Valentine siggy and that was Cyn in CA. Here it is... isn't it so pretty!! At the moment I have it in a zip lock baggy so I can pin it to the wall at my sewing table. (that's why there's a shiny bit on it, it's the baggy reflecting)

Then when I was at Freswick on Friday I took some photos of the scenery outside the old school hall where we spent Friday sewing. Can you see the old tumbling down castle in the distance. Yes it was very cold on Friday.

Lastly, when I got back from a full day sewing (in which I did very little sewing :))) I made this week's DH BOW from DJRetreats list, which so happens to be my alternate block for my DH Scrab bag challenge. So I also did some speed cutting and piecing to get quite a few of the units done for the other 11 blocks.

So now I'm going to add the pictures and hope I do it in the right order so they'll appear next to their story :))


  1. Lovely blocks! Especially the DH pansies. I wish I liked to applique more because I really love the results. I had to laugh at your line "I spent the whole day sewing at which I got very little sewing done." Can I ever relate to that! lol I'm afraid I get lots more sewing done alone than I ever do in company, but the company of fellow quilters is so much fun!

    Happy quilting,

  2. Very pretty work, and thank you for posting more shots of Freswick. I'd love to see that in person some day!