Wednesday, 30 June 2010


I’m afraid I haven’t got very far with this but then I started into late… yes I know excuses excuses, LOL…

Anyway, I have been doing a lot of thinking about this project and also a lot of un-sewing!!  I got a block almost made when I changed my mind… well first I went wrong with the layout and had to frog stitch only to then be almost finished and decide I didn’t like it. >G<    I had no idea where this was going to take me and I’ve pretty much still have no idea.. well a flickering of an idea is brewing.  Fingers crossed. 

Enough procrastinating, you don’t want to hear me rabbiting on.  Here is a picture of the just completed this evening block… the only block so far… So some sort of progress ;)

Clamshell Club 2

I’ve added a couple of stronger fabrics into the mix as the all pastel just wasn’t doing it for me.

As you can see in the corner I have a few more to sew….  Hopefully, I’ll have a bit more to show next month ;)

Happy Stitching, Ellyx


  1. I like the stronger material in the mix. It is pretty.

  2. Looking good Elly. I'm off to a slow start too!

  3. I like it much better with the stronger colour added in . Will look forward to where you are going with this.

  4. It's looking great, Elly -- adding the stronger colour really makes it sparkle.

  5. I don´t know what the problem is, to me the colours look good. The block looks very hard to do, in fact I have no idea how these are done.

  6. A great start Elly & I agree the stronger colour added works well. Looking forward to seeing this grow :)

  7. Oh, Elly, I love your clamshells!!
    If I thought I could take on one more project, then this would be the one!
    All the best!