Saturday, 3 July 2010

Books, Wips and Learning

If you are just wanting quilty stuff please scroll down a bit ;))

I was visiting Heather’s blog and saw that she had read an incredible amount of books over the past year and I was in awe. Last book I finished The total sum of books I’ve completely read in the last year is one :- Alan Titchmarsh’s “Mr MacGregor”.   I love Alan’s wit and this was a romance book with the usual route of romance books but a bit of horticulture thrown in and lots of humour.  I’m just a slow reader.  It had me ‘LOL –ing’ on quite a few occasions.  Having listened and watched Alan on many occasions on TV in Gardeners World, etc., I could ‘hear’ his voice, a lovely soft Yorkshire accented voice, in my head, sort of reading it to me.

Here is the book I am currently wading Current reading bookthrough.  It is written by Lori Smith “A Walk With Jane Austen”  “A modern woman’s search for happiness, fulfilment and her very own Mr Darcy”

It’s classified as a ‘Memoir/Biography’  and is a very interesting read even if I only pick it up once in a while.

Now I am also listening to an audio book.  Diana Gabaldon’s Drums of Autumn.Current Listening too book   It is the 4th in the series.  I have actually read the first 3!   

Now when I bought the first book “Cross Stitch” my DH scoffed and remarked that I would never read it all.   Well I proved him wrong.  Not only did I read it but also the next two in the series. I have the Drums of Autumn book but decided it would be a good one to listen to so bought the audio version.  The book itself has 1185 pages.   Audio is not such an easy option as it takes some practice to ‘listen’.  I have frequently lost the plot (no funny remarks please, ;))  and had to go back to the beginning of a chapter to listen over again because the MP3 I have doesn’t let you go back a page or two.  (DD keeps reminding me I should have bought an Ipod)  Anyway, I find I can now ‘get lost’ in this audio book while doing the ironing or sitting hand sewing.

So there you go ;) my reading experiences.  Sorry didn’t mean to write a book about it ;))

Now for some quilty stuff..  Here is what I have up on my little cork board design wall.Star tabletopper

The Honeycomb Stars… a pattern in the June 2010 American Patchwork & Quilting.  It is being made with Inklingo printed diamonds and hexagons and I’m hand piecing it.

The ‘thing’ in the top left hand corner which looks like a spider with one less my attempt at crocheting a flower ;)) 

The Canada sticker came on a pouffie from a buddette…;))

Below is another of my attempts.  A try out of making and working with yarn from old      t-shirts:- 

 Pot stand made with t-shirt yarn It would make a good hotpad…. or if I felt inclined I could keep adding to it and eventually end up with a durable floor rug.. 

If you would like to try making t-shirt yarn go over to Lettie’s blog   where she has made a tutorial for it.   I love her blog you will be drooling..

Tutorials for doing the crocheting part you can find on YouTube.  This is the one I watched  by Bethintx1:-

She does some great tutorials for beginners if you are interested.

Well friends if you have made it thus far bravo!  That’s it for now, speak to you again soon ;)

Happy Stitching… Elly


  1. Hi Elly,
    The book by Titchmarsh sounds good. i can't find it at my library, so will keep an eye out. I read the Gabaldon quite some time ago. I think I enjoyed the first 3 books the best. Thanks for the update.

  2. Where do you get all the time to do what you do? Super wuhman!!

  3. I hope you don´t mind that I went straight to the quilty stuff.... I like the pieces on your design wall, I envy you for your patience to hand piece all of the little shapes, and it really does look good.
    I wish you lots of fun crocheting!