Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Slowly, slowly, catchee Monkey

I was pondering this saying this morning. It was used often in my childhood by my late aunt and Godmother Winifred Hehir who was married to my father’s oldest brother Bartholomew and who lived in the beautiful city of Durham in County Durham.

I think of it often as I’m making my Dear Jane.  It is a very wise old proverb and if you’d like to read more see here:-

Anyway, apart from applying this saying to my Dear Jane ;) it also seems I apply it to everything in my daily life, LOL…. because I Tisket A Tasket February BOMseem to be slow with everything.  

Okay, here is an example of my slowness.  View right my completed (almost still waiting buttons) Tisket A Tasket block due February 2009…

I’m currently working on April, May and June’s blocks… getting there slowly ;)

Bye for now, hugs Elly


  1. Isn´t that a coincidence. I made the "tisket a tasket" quilt last year, and mine isn´t finished jet either. It is all ready for quilting and waiting, and waiting for me to continue.

  2. The block is beautiful! It could also be put into your Basket Case Quilt.

  3. that block is gorgeous. Keep working away and something will get finished. That's my approach.

  4. Your basket block is gorgeous!! I love those fabrics.

  5. Just taking a little walk through your blog and it is a real pleasure. No matter how slow you are your work is lovely!
    I am not the fastest either. One example: I started the clamshell quilt 4 years ago during the Soccer World Cup!

  6. Elly, there's no rush, don't be so hard on yourself. Your work is beautiful! I haven't even started a tisket a tasket. LOL!!

    Happy Quilting,
    Heather =)

  7. That's ok Elly mine have all be done since last year and I even have the material for the sashing and I still don't have it put together. Just haven't had a chance to put it together. Hopefully we will all get them done.

  8. I have a friend, who has just completed this lovely quilt top.
    It will be worth it, no matter how long it takes.
    Your work and colour choice is lovely.