Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Dear Jane blocks done on holiday in Tenerife


So sorry I’ve been a long time posting!! Finally I have a chance to post a few pictures of the Dear Jane blocks I made while I was away in sunny Tenerife.

Top right is H-4 Abbey’s Eye’s

Bottom left isL-10 Nan’s Naiad and bottom right is G-13 Molly’s Muffin



They were all hand pieced using Linda Franz method of freezer paper templates/hand piecing.

Before I got Linda’s DVD on hand piecing (which came with her Quilted Diamonds Combo and Jane Austen’s Writing Table Quilts combo the latter which is on sale at an unbelievable price!!! ) Anyway, where was I, oh yes… before seeing Linda’s demo on hand piecing I hadn’t a clue how to do it. However, after watching her fabulous DVD I am slowly with practice getting much better. I’ve a way to go with the curved piecing but I’m happy with the Nan’s Naiads which I think came out not to bad!

Well that’s me for now, I hope you all have a wonderful day.

Hugs Elly


  1. Your blocks are terrific. wow.

  2. Elly- Its fantastic to see you back and blogging! I missed you. Your blocks are great ... I will look forward to the next blog :)

  3. Nice blocks you have made. Nice to see your work again :-) Have a great and kreative week.

  4. Wow!!! And here I thought you'd slid off the end of the planet into the heavens! Nice to see you back online, Elly. Your blocks are beautiful. I've thought of you lately... we have a baby bunny living in our yard. Not a pet, but we keep our eyes on him/her.

  5. Gorgeous blocks there, Elly!!!!!

    Tks for sharing - at least I know you kept busy while you were away... *grin*


  6. Beautiful blocks, Elly. Such a lot of eye candy on your blog! Love it.

  7. Nice going! Where did isL-10 Nan’s Naiad come from? It's not in my DJ book.