Saturday, 19 June 2010

What I SHOULD be working….IS

A quilt for my mother in law Gloria.  WIP Gloria's quilt

It needs 4 more blocks made.  2 of the simple 9 patch and two of the one with the stars and small 9 patches.

The blocks can then be joined, maybe a small border, layered and quilted, ready for Christmas.

BUT instead, a dear friend of mine, who is a sweetie and who knows who she is ;)  Has enticed me into starting yet ANOTHER project not long after, I may add, after tempting me with ANOTHER project, which we will talk about another day :)) 

Clamshell 1The second temptation is a clamshell project using the new Inklingo program.  This led me to join the Clamshell Club see the button in the right hand column.

I have been working on it today, though I haven’t got very far… nothing new there ;)) No it isn’t sewn yet, this is as far as I’ve got. I then got stuck wondering where on earth I was going with it. LOL…  It is set on a piece of Chocolate Moda Essential Dots which I bought for yet another WIP!! I thought I could use it with these soft pastels to make it a more ‘grown up’  whatever project.  The pastels came in a bundle of FQs from The Quiltroom  as the Fabric Club selection for this month.  It is Flutterby Garden by Buggy Barn.   I found on that there is a chocolate that may go with these.  It’s in Buggy Barns ‘Sherbet’ range and has little pastel dots on it.    I may have to buy it. :))

Anyway, that’s all for now. 

Happy Quilting,

Hugs Ellyx




  1. Elly Dear,

    I love the clam shell in the soft pastels on the chocolate.

    I have yet to print any out. Maybe this afternoon. My problem is I can't decide what fabric to do it in. I will have to do some stash shopping first. I am sure I will have to go to the better stores...LOL.



  2. Oh, BTW, I love your blog.

  3. Oh, how this post made me laugh!! I am constantly being distracted by new projects and just have to start them! Which is why I am now trying (operative word there is trying) to make small doll's quilts or wall hangings.

  4. Yes, Elly, you and I share the same friend -- who shall remain nameless, lol -- I'm still struggeling to get some more stars sewn up! *sigh*.
    I love the quilt you have designed for your MIL! Can't wait to see what you decide for the final borders... applique??
    NO clam shells yet... need to d/l!
    Your blog update is FANTASTIC! Love it... ok, didn't mean to write a book! lol

  5. Wonderful to see you there again Elly - love those clamshells