Friday, 13 August 2010

Christmas in August

I have been such a lucky lady!  Some dear friends have been so very good to me and sent me surprise Happy Mail!!  Here are some pictures, you can click on them to make them larger:-

Gifts from Cyn 5The first three are from my dear friend Cyn from CA. 

  Gifts from Cyn 3                                                 Cyn sent me a load of “no-nothing” gifties… that is like “unbirthday” birthday gifts.  Certainly not nothing to me! ;))

Gifts from Cyn 4

Some adorable fabrics and patterns, just look at this one of Maxine:-

She knows I love bunnies so sent me the lovely candle mat pattern.  I love EVERYTHING!!

Thank You gift from 2ne

Next 2ne sent me a lovely Thank You gift of a beautiful tissue holder with the cute heart tissues inside, some really cute sheep fabric with the cutest sheep button, and a lovely hand made card.  

Then my another dear friend Joyce from NC Gifts from Joyce 1sent me this most beautiful French country pieced quiltlet top and 3 Dear Jane blocks, we agreed to swap 5 blocks with no hurry to make them a couple years ago!

Joyce has Gifts from Joyce 2completed her ended of the deal now I must complete mine!!!  I have one more to make ;))   You may notice that Joyce has made me 2 of C-3 “Rayelle’s Fence”  That’s because she made the first one with the plain cream background from me then as she was putting away the rest of the focus fabric it sort of mingled with the blue shirting and she thought hmmmmm that looks good so made another for me to choose from >G<  

And last be not least I received a fabulous early birthday gift from my dear friend Frummie of FL…. The Inklingo Clamshell Sashing Collection!   You can see pictures of this on the All About Inklingo blog – see button on right.

So my layout for my Clamshells has changed …. again! LOL as I am eager to use the sashings…. Thank You Frummie!! 

More tomorrow but before I go here’s another picture from my garden ;))






  1. Lovely with Christmas in August :-) Wich you a happy week-end.

  2. Lucky you, getting so many nice things in the mail! But say, when is your birthday? And may I have your adress?

  3. How fun! And those Dear Jane blocks are just darling. What are you planning to do with 5 blocks?

    Happy stitching,
    Susan in Texas

  4. Hola he visitado su blog y me gusta mucho sus trabajos.
    Saludos desde La Linea Mayte

  5. Good to see you blogging again Elly :)

    Your blog seems to have changed colours? it :)

  6. Christmas in Aug? That's great! Besides, it's your B'day month & that is cause for celebration, dear friend!