Thursday, 5 August 2010

First a Frog

Frog by Kirsty

I thought I’d share with you a frog my daughter saw in my front garden the other day and took this photo.  It wasn’t as big as it appears ;)  You can see her deviant art signature in the photo.

I’ve completed Lynette Anderson’s “My Garden” block 2 and here it is:-My Garden block 2

Now to re-do the first block which I ruined with over enthusiastic pressing!!

Here are some Dear Jane blocks I’ve completed since I last wrote :-

tr-1 e-4

TR1 – triangle, paper pieced and   E-4 Buffalo Tree Hopper, hand pieced.

Finally I’ll like to show you the status of my Clamshells…  Or should that be the state of them? ;)

Clamshell project take two

It is not stitched – well unless you count un-stitching.  I unstitched both previous blocks and re-arranged them to make the whole think… minus borders.   Yes it will be not much bigger than in the photo here.  Then I plan to make a better fabric choice – one to my liking and make a little quilt using the Inklingo Clamshell Sashing Collection  -THANK YOU DEAREST FRUMMIE!! -  There is a really cute design using them on Linda’s blog here:    The Clamshells in the above photo were also printed using Inklingo.         

Finally, for now, here is a picture of the rose Pink Bells that was blooming in my garden a couple of weeks ago. 

Pink Bells roseThe bush was full of blooms like this but sadly it went over pretty quick and will only get the odd bloom from now ‘til winter. 

Until laters,  Happy Stitching



  1. I knew you would be busy. You made lots of pretty blocks, and your clamshell is so nice, I don´t know why you are not satisfied with the colours, to me they look good.

  2. Gorgeous pictures (even the frog - lol). I had to look closely at the clamshells to see that they were just laying there, unstitched. I must admit, clamshells fascinate me (more than klosjes) but everyone seems to have so much trouble putting them together that I hesitate to try. My hand skills are not that great.

    Happy stitching,
    Susan in Texas

  3. You have been incredibly busy making beautifully pieced and appliqued blocks!! Clamshells look great to me. I've yet to sew a curve so my hat's off to you!!
    Best Wishes & Happy Quilting,

  4. Your clamshells look great -- that will be a pretty piece when done. Great picture of the frog! ;-)