Saturday, 26 February 2011

Scrap Happy Saturday

Can you believe it is the last Saturday in February?  Where has this month gone?

Without further to do here is my red Rainbow Scrap Project (RSP) block:-

Rainbow Scrappy Red blockI took this photo outside in my back garden today pegged onto my Abies Koreanna  (Korean Fir)  It’s a very sunny day today with clear blue skies, spring on it’s way hopefully?  Well we can have hope can’t we, LOL, though I feel winter isn’t done with us yet.

Anyway, my little heart double four patch project isn’t as finished as I had hoped for today as this has been a busy week.  I did get the little flange? on it and the outer final border but it has yet to be layered and quilted and the scalloped binding done.  Hopefully, that will happen this coming week.

To see everyone else’s Scrap Happy Saturday reports go to Soscrappy’s blog here.

However, I spent yesterday helping a friend with her little red project.  She had been to Belgium last year for a small break and had come back with a kit of 4 little embroidery blocks to stitch and some matching fabrics.   She had embroidered the blocks and needed help with the setting and patchwork and quilting bit.  The original quilt had a few more embroidery squares and the setting was of fabric squares between with a mitred border and had be quilted with the turning inside out method (not sure that is correct description but basically this needs no extra binding step)

Well I’ll shut up now and show you the picture I took yesterday.Patsy's embroidery patchwork quiltIt had been stitched and pulled through at this stage but not quilted.  I did quilt it very basically in the ditch before sending it home with friend to tie in the thread ends.

The layout was my idea since she just had the four blocks and two of the fabrics, however, you can see the whole redwork quilt here:-

This shop has some seriously cute embroidery patterns.

Lastly, but not least :)))  Today I received some delicious Dupioni  Silks from Valerie Online Pastimes sponsors of the Stash Manicure  blog hosted by Madame Samm which I won way back in December’s Holiday Give Away.  Here is a picture… notice the cute little angel which was also in the package.   THANK YOU MADAME SAMM and VALERIE :-D

Dupioni Silks 1Okay, better go get all spruced up ready to go out.  DD wants me to chauffer her to the shops when she gets home from work ;))




  1. You have been a busy girl! I like the red block you made, and I think you found a good way to use the redwork blocks in the little quilt. I looked at the whole quilt in the link you posted, but I like the way you set the blocks a lot better. I bet your friend is very proud of her little redwork quilt now.

  2. I love the red block. Have fun with your prize.

  3. Your red block turned out great! Your piecing is meticulous!

  4. Wow! Your friend (Patsy?) does fabulous embroidery. It was so perfect I thought it must have been done by machine, so I followed the link to Pour le Patchwork and saw that it was actually handwork. Patsy's embroidery is even better than the shop sample. I'm impressed. 8)

    Happy stitching,
    Susan in Texas

    PS Your blocks are wonderful too - love the red one.

  5. I love your red block! And your friend's quilt block is just darling!

  6. Your red block is lovely, and isn't ot nice to get together with stitching friends once in a while, your friends redwork quilt is lovely too.

  7. your works are beautiful red and Congratulations! for the gift ... a big hug
    (traductor google)

  8. Your red block looks fabulous!