Saturday, 25 June 2011


I’ve been abscent for a few months from this challenge but I’m hoping now to get back on board and catch up.   I just have this month’s yellow block to do then I should be up to date.  Maybe I’ll pick a simple block.

Anyway, without further to do here are the pictures of how far I’ve come.   

The purple Dresden Plate is March’s block.  I made this using Inklingo Appliqué Dresden Plate collection.  There are many choices of Dresden Plate variations to choose from in this collection, however I choose a fairly simple one to try for my first one using Inklingo.


Rainbow Scrappy April Purple block

Here is May’s Pink block.   Again I made it using Inklingo.  This time I tried out the brand new collection Inklingo Joseph’s Coat

This is really a gentle curve and hand pieced up beautifully.  Even the pressing was easier than it first looked.  I need to square it up for my Rainbow Scrappy so will either appliqué to a background or hand piece some corners on.  Curves are so much easier with Inklingo.  No templates or measuring.  Just print, cut (even with scissors) and sew.  Accurate and simple.  Makes easy work of complicated blocks.  Love it!   This Joseph’s Coat makes a big 12” block so would make up a quilt in no time.

Elly's Joseph Coat

Here is a picture of all the blocks I’ve done so far.  Rainbow Scrappy blocks updateNow to figure out which block to sew for my June Yellow block  ;)

Happy Sewing,

Hugs Ellyx


  1. I'm loving your rainbow of curved blocks!

  2. Beautiful!! I love the Dresden! A yellow block? Hmm, maybe a Sunflower?

  3. What a beautiful collection of blocks. Sounds like Inklingo gives you lots of choices.

  4. Oh my! You have nothing but BEAUTIFUL blocks going on here. How amazing. I'm really impressed by the colors you've chosen for your Pies & Tarts. I didn't think of doing them that way. I'm working on some but they're scrappy. This way you've done them is so much more… stunning! And your Dresden. WOW!!! Gosh, it's all amazing.

  5. A lovely collection of scrappy blocks!

  6. Hi Elly,
    all your blocks together look very nice, they will make one pretty quilt by the end of the year. I hope you can find a shade of yellow to match all these pretty blocks.

  7. Love those blocks! They look so hard to do but sure are pretty! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment...I just wish I remember what blog I found the link to this technique so I could thank her. I am loving this log cabin.