Saturday, 9 July 2011

Rainbow Scrappy Saturday report and a finish :-D

Okay I know I’m not supposed to be starting something new but I couldn’t help it your honour!  

I have a email subscription to Pleasant Home’s blog posts and in this one  she spoke about

Karen’s Summer Bow Tie Quilt Along  that was being held on this   Face Book page.   I love the Bow Tie block and I was trying hard to resist but one of my Buddettes Rosa took on the challenge after I had “tongue in cheek” tried to tempt her into starting a new project…. well that back fired and the tables were turned, LOL… but all in good fun ;)) 

Anyway, I ramble on, I decided to make mine in 30s fabrics with bleached muslin background and since the Rainbow Scrappy colours for this month are Red, White and Blue, I thought I’d start with the red 30s and kill two birds with one stone. :)  And here are my first blocks.

First 6 Bowties


And at long last I have completed Monkey… I’m not an expert knitter and I don’t know if it was me or the pattern but the T-shirt didn’t turn out quite as it should have.  So rather than start again I added a few rows of crochet to the neck…. However, now I think that Monkey looks more like a girl than a boy, LOL… what do you think… can he have a sex  (oops should I say the S word on here?) gender change?

So no ‘He’ is a ‘She’.  I am quite pleased with the out come and I’m sure she’ll be a lovely surprise for DD when she returns home from her holiday.

Monkey FINISHED July 8,2011

Now onto another one thread a day ufo but what shall it be??  :-D

Have a great quilty weekend,

hugs Ellyx


  1. I love the bowtie quilt and how easy it is to do.Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Elly,
    wow you finished the monkey, and I think she defenitely is a girl, the T-Shirt is so cute with the crochet edge.
    I also like your new scrappy block, why not try these bow ties and combine them with the colours of the challenge. Smart girl!

  3. HOOORAY for the "finish"!!!!

    HOOORAY for the "new"!!!!

    And HOOORAY for finishing Monkey and YES... "it" does look more like a girl. You'll need to have her ears pierced and give her a decent pair of round earrings! LOL

    How did your daughter manage?!??!?! She's still on vacation?!?!?

    tormom - word verification.

    I SWEAR I did NOT make this one up, Elly... but to "me" ... *pointing at her chest*.... I would say that it says "Tormenting Mom".... which is kinda what happened with daughter's vacation plans, eh? :-(

  4. I've been browsing down through your projects and must say- You've been doing some really pretty stuff. I especially like your yellow block, the little heart quilt (never thought about how the blocks would look turned sideways- cute little rows of tiny squares) and your bowties.

  5. Darling bow ties! I love RED.
    Monkey is sooooo adorable! "K" will love him/her. I do think he looks more like a she. LOL. The crocheted edging on he-she's sweater is so sweet -- definitely girlish!

  6. Rosa, Just came to your blog for the first time and LOVE it. Thanks for helping spread the word about the Bow Tie block a day. You're reds are gorgeous!

  7. How are your Bow Ties coming along? Mine have been on hold, decided that I think they are a little large. Think I will make enough to make a small baby quilt and then try smaller Bow Tie (4"), in CW fabrics. so many quilts, so little time.

  8. Oh you mean I forgot to leave a note earlier about this one? I love it. I meant to when I first saw it. Very cute. Very very cute. Fun post.

  9. Love your red bow ties and as for the monkey, she's just gorgeous!