Saturday, 2 July 2011

Rainbow Scrappy Saturday Report

Good Saturday morning to you all :)

A new month and a new colour for our Rainbow Scrappy.  This month’s colour is either red, blue or white, or any combination of those three.  Or to work on something already started.

Well it so happens I’ve already got something in the works :)) in those colours. It is a scrappy blue red and white-ish 10 minute block  project.

But first let me show you my yellow block from June which I completed this last week.Rainbow Scrappy June Yellow RI’m not sure if this block has an official name.  It is constructed with 4 Fox and Geese blocks.  2 have been rotated.   I’m going to call it “Elly’s Star”  until I find out if there’s another name out there.

Of course I made it using my Inklingo.  I used the original collection 2 which was on a CD which is no longer available.  However, there are now 2 different downloads for triangles.  The sizes I used are in HST OOB collection.

Now here is a picture of my blue, red and white WIP.

Ten minute block top reducedI’m not quite sure where I’m going with this one.  Do I add more blocks for a lap sized quilt, make a table topper or wall hanging.  Or use the piece to make a bag.  It is approx. 24 by 32 at the moment.  Decisions, decisions.

Not sure what the weather is doing today.  If it’s nice I should get out and do some more work in the garden… lots to do there.  But it could rain.

I’ve still to catch that monkey so I can stuff him..

Have a great weekend!

Happy Stitching!

Elly x


  1. Your yellow block looks nice, and I think it fits very good to your other finished blocks.
    The red blue and white project looks like a table runner to me. Isn´t it fun that you already have a head start on your July project?
    Go get that monkey!

  2. Hi Elly, long time no see...You have been busy! your blocks are lovely I especially like your yellow block - I wouoldnt go any further than your name Elly's Star...great name :)

  3. LOVE the soft buttery block you did, Elly!

    And your cute Red, White and Blue quilt should be done, AS IS... In my opinion.

    If you sit and think about it too long, it'll go back into the UFO pile. *grin*


    Bongsg: The word "Bongs" said with a funky lipse! LOL

  4. Love your Elly's star. Care to share the size of your patches?

  5. Your yellow block is fantastic, Elly!
    Happy Stitching,

  6. Love your yellow block. So sunny! The red white and blue look great together.

  7. Yummy yellow block!
    It's those kind of big decisions that you're making for your R, W and B quilt that result in some of my quilts turning into UFO's...I just can't decide!