Sunday, 16 October 2011

A Crochet cushion finished and another started :)

Yes I think I have a new addiction.  CROCHETING and in particular anything with “Along” at the end of it ;)  Oh and creating a yarn stash ;)
The first picture is of the completed cushion, the top of which I made while on my holiday.  I then bought a second hand kitchen seat pad, pulled it apart and then reused the parts to make the back of the crocheted front…. so a little bit of up-cycling?  The pad cost me £2 in a charity shop and it was so densely stuffed that I now stuffing left for another project.
Mosaic cushion 2 REDI found the pattern for this cushion on Le monde de Sucrette’s blog here.
I am pleased with the result, however, I wish I knew why the center is squint.  If anyone can tell me where I’m going wrong please let me know.   Sucrette’s square isn’t squint so it has to be something I’m doing or not doing.

My next crochet wip is another CAL it’s a Ripple Along challenge run by Lucy and Heather and I’ve just joined in.  Making another cushion cover for a cylindrical neck cushion.  Here is my starter:-
Ripple CAL RedIt’s a neat little pattern by Lucy and she has written brilliant instructions and a tutorial here .

Now I’ve just discovered LuAnn is also hosting a CAL (see button on right hand side bar at the very top) so I’m considering perhaps starting another errrr cushion top… with a different pattern, LOL….. oh dear when will I get any sewing done! LOL..
Oh well I’m having too much fun with this crochet stuff at the moment so may as well enjoy it.   I did do some work on a little table topper.  I hand pieced all the pieced blocks for it and now just need to put the whole blocks in between… another day perhaps.
Happy stitching or hooking,
hugs Ellyx


  1. Just keep on crocheting Elly, there will be plenty of time to sew later.
    Glad that you joined LuAnns CAL, so I can watch your progress.

  2. Hi Elly I'm glad you are joining in the CAL and can't wait to see your photos. I like to do a little machine stitching during the day, but at night I am really enjoying my crochet projects. Like Katrin said....just keep on crocheting Elly!

  3. Fun pillow! I used to crochet a lot too.

  4. Very pretty cushion! So happy u r joing LuAnn's CAL. It is so nice to root eachother on to finished projects.
    A new motto: "keep on hooking!"

  5. Love your projects - I'm also crocheting at the moment! Sorry, I can't help with the centre square but it looks great as it is!

  6. Crocheting is addictive! It's been ages since I did any, so can't offer any help -- sorry!

  7. wow love your mosaic cushion! The colors are really nice! and the ripple one is turning out beautiful I'm waiting for the third one ;)
    Have a great we!